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Troubled Company & Receivership Services

Typically, a troubled company’s issues have roots in transactions or agreements entered into long before problems become apparent and a court order is entered. That starting point may be the business plan of a new company or the party acquiring an existing company.  It may be a new investment strategy or an ill-conceived new product. In more serious cases the issue may actually be the company management or shareholders.  Since regulatory problems can develop with little or no warning, our team is prepared to respond on short notice and develop a customized plan to address each unique situation.  We offer independent and realistic assessments of the situation, including strategic recommendations to assist in keeping the insurer solvent, where possible, or help to develop the appropriate regulatory approach.

Our Troubled Company and Receivership Services team has extensive experience with the assessment of troubled insurance companies, administrative supervision, and all forms of receivership. This includes all lines of business and sizes of companies. The team is led by Wayne Johnson, former Director of the Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation for the Florida Department of Financial Services. Our team holds designations including Certified Insurance Receiver, CFE/AFE, CPA, MAAA, CISA, CMA, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Auditor, CIE, CPCU, CLU, RHU and FLMI, among others.

Our team has experience with the tools available to state insurance regulators including:

  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Target Examinations
  • Hazardous Condition Regulations
  • Supervision (Deputy Supervisor)
  • Conservatorship
  • Receivership (Deputy Receiver)

Each troubled company situation has unique issues that must be resolved. RRC has internal resources that have experience in life and health, property and casualty, reinsurance, and managed care lines of business and insurance company operations (some of which include accounting, actuarial, claims, financial, IT, investment, market conduct, and reinsurance) and can staff a troubled company situation on short notice. Furthermore, we are a national firm with resources located in over twenty states.