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In addition to our financial examination services, RRC performs risk-focused analysis services in accordance with the NAIC Financial Analysis Handbook on behalf of state insurance departments.

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What We Offer

With continued risk and complexity in the insurance industry, as well as staffing challenges, state insurance departments have had a greater need for assistance with financial analysis functions. RRC is able to assist state insurance departments with the analysis of Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) submissions as well as preparing Holding Company Analyses and Insurer and Group Profile Summaries. RRC is also able to provide ongoing analysis and risk surveillance functions, including assistance with Supervisory Colleges. Additionally, we are familiar with the requirements to perform a Form A review, including complex transactions involving purchases by foreign insurers.

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Financial analysis includes, but is not limited to, performance of a risk assessment and the review of actuarial opinions and memorandums, reinsurance, Risk-Based Capital, feasibility and financial projections, along with other work as needed to understand an insurance company. RRC has Certified Financial Examiners and Certified Public Accountants with financial analysis experience, including those who performed analysis functions for state departments of insurance.

Our financial analysis team can perform, but not limited to, following services:

  • Review and/or preparation of Holding Company Analysis
  • Review and/or preparation of Group Profile and Insurer Profile Summaries
  • Review and evaluation of Form A submissions
  • Assessment of the adequacy of ORSA filings by insurers and recommendations for improvement in filed ORSA reports by domestic insurers
  • Analysis of acquisition and/or merger transactions proposed by domestic or foreign insurers
  • Evaluation of the terms and conditions of complex transactions proposed by domestic and foreign insurers where those transactions are subject to the prior approval of the Insurance Commissioner
  • We also closely follow the NAIC’s Financial Analysis Handbook Working Group
  • Experienced in identifying, assessing, and testing prospective risks that may pose solvency concerns for the insurer.